HarryPlotter 1.1b

HarryPlotter is a Win32 application that plots serial data. To get rid of a lot of interpretation issues due to endians in multi-byte datatypes when using binary formats, HarryPlotter interprets incoming data in plain ASCII format. This will increase compatibility between different systems.

So, how does HarryPlotter work? For example, if the string "3.14 2.71 # 4.52 4 # ..." is received as a serial stream HaryPlotter will create two channels and plot 3.14 and 4.52 in channel 1 and 2.71 and 4 in channel 2. The # character acts as a delimiter in this example (this character can be configured to something else if needed).

HarryPlotter does not plot data with time on the X-axis (as expected), instead the X-axis should be interpreted as the index-axis. In the example string above the values 3.14 and 4.52 will plotted on x = 0, whereas the values 2.71 and 4 will be plotted on x = 1, regardless if it in reality took several seconds between the actual values in the stream. This means that you have to guarantee periodic transmissions from the device you want to plot from if you want to simulate a "real time" plot.


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3 Channels example

Serial port setup

Interpreter setup

X-Axis setup

Y-Axis setup

Channel setup


Harry Plotter 1.1b


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